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Timezones in Europe


The following table lists the European time zone abbreviations.

The term “IST” is not the legal abbreviation to describe Irish Summer Time but it is commonly used. IST is described as “summer time”, according to Irish law, while Irish Standard Time is described as both “standard time” and “winter time”.

Abbreviation Full name Other abbreviations Time zone
GMT Greenwich Mean Time UTC UTC
BST British Summer Time UTC + 1 hour
IST Irish Summer Time UTC + 1 hour
WET Western European Time UTC
WEST Western European Summer Time WEDT UTC + 1 hour
CET Central European Time MEZ UTC + 1 hour
CEST Central European Summer Time CEDT, MESZ UTC + 2 hours
EET Eastern European Time UTC + 2 hours
EEST Eastern European Summer Time EEDT UTC + 3 hours
MSK Moscow Standard Time UTC + 3 hours
MSD Moscow Daylight Time UTC + 4 hours
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